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200 Watcher Appreciation Raffle Poster by eukaryoticprokaryote

200 Watcher Appreciation Raffle Poster


A few days ago, I posted an announcement for my 200 Watcher Appreciation Raffle.  Thus far, the reception has been lukewarm.  So, I decided to make a poster featuring an ensemble of my characters in the hopes that it would alert more people to the existence of this raffle.

And wouldn't you know it, it took me 9+ hours to do all this!  I have been working on it exclusively all day, and I am tired!  Drawing multiple characters occupying the same space--even if it's an empty void is very demanding, especially when you have to figure out where to add numerous word bubbles.  And this isn't even shaded (sorry).

Anyway, from left to right on the top, you have:
Aether, Omen, Reid, and Mime (A.K.A. The Torment Clown).
On the bottom are my cutecore villain character, who might, or might not be named Sunbeam, and their "friend", King Chinoalla.

I would have liked to fit more characters in there, like Bridget, Miguel, Ezileke, Silo, Mitho, and so on, but it was already quite crowded, so the burden falls only upon these guys to get the word out.  And look at King Chinoala!  What a good sport!

Information about the raffle can be found at

Note that you may not participate in this raffle, unless you are a member of DA.

(P.S. I must say that, I was not prepared for the Eldritch horror that was foxes with their mouths open.)
(P.P.S And now, to bed!)

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