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Fluffy Sweaty dot Jpeg by Ettie

Fluffy Sweaty dot Jpeg


17 March 2020 at 15:38:22 MDT

Not a commission! (gasp)

I took a slight break between commissions the other week to practice and try and loosen myself up when I was facing some art block. I wasn't originally planning on posing this since it's just something really rough and messy I only did for practice in the first place, but something about it just has a really good "feel" to it, so I wound up liking how it came out and decided I may as well share!

There's just something about quick, rough, messy drawings like this that feels a lot more "loose" and "natural" that I wish I could capture more deliberately, (yes I know, hashtag relatable artist mood), but I suppose that's what practice like this is for, after all.

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