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[ANE20] Next Stop! by Ettie

[ANE20] Next Stop!


8 March 2020 at 19:48:18 MDT

Toot toot! Next stop! ASS!

I was also thinking of titling this in some way relating to sandwiches, making a joke about how she's slightly spreading her cheeks, but I decided it was easier just to stick with the train thing from the last post, haha.


ANYWAY! I'm basically posting these in the order I drew them, so ta daa~ here's the second commission from ANE! Definitely the most complex species and character design I drew this time around. Y'all sure do love making me WORK! xD

Character belongs to Galilxy.

Both of our first two stops and all subsequent stops on the Ass Train can be found on this convenient bird-based social media platform.


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    Excellent butt part.

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      The butt is my favorite part.