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[CCFC20] Foxy Lady by Ettie

[CCFC20] Foxy Lady


10 February 2020 at 10:07:37 MST

The finished version of this YCH from CCFC! I wasn't too confident in the slot itself, to be honest, but all it took was a cute character to fill it in, and it ended up turning out really nice!

But BOY OH BOY was the night I actually drew it not a fabulous one. I had a decent day at the convention, started on my way home nice and early, figured I'd have a relaxing evening and take my time drawing, but GOSH SHOOT HECK DANG not even five minutes left in my drive home and I got a flat tire. On a Saturday night. Meaning everywhere was closed and wouldn't be opening before the con started the next day. So I got to spend the next several hours dealing with THAT mess instead, and couldn't get to drawing until after I already wanted to be in bed. T.T

Thankfully all was well in the end and I DID manage to make it to the con on time the next day but MAN.

Purchased as a gift by Crescendo for their friend!

Now in Tweet-o-Vision.

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