Making Those Spots Shine by Ettie

Making Those Spots Shine


14 October 2019 at 13:51:13 MDT

I can only assume that after the last piece, he got out of bed, got uh, "dressed," and then got back in bed again.

WHEW! This was a BIG ONE. Hands down my most ambitious piece of art yet! (take that, Infinity War) It was a LOT of hard work, and frankly I'm kinda surprised I even managed to pull it off - I didn't even know I was capable of something like this! I should be proud, yeah?

Now sure, it's not perfect (but when is it ever), and as always it taught me even more about areas I'd like to focus on in the future, but just like the last time I drew this character (coincidentally), this is a huge step forward in my art, for sure. c:

Technically this was just ordered as a refined sketch, but they paid extra for more detail and bumped it up to the secret fourth category of "monochrome shaded sketch." Ooooh, fancy. Sadly I'm still not ready to be offering these as a standing commission type, but it was a fun experiment for now!

Also hey yeah, check that out. I drew fetishes again. Wigitty what? It was really a lot of fun! Please never be afraid to ask me about drawing COOL THINGS okay? ❤️

And lastly, please remember you can share this pic on twitter too, and it's always greatly appreciated!

Character belongs to Riloh