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I'm a wingless gryphon :)

My FA profile: (there u can find info about comissions)

Greetings !


Fur Affinity


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    yay your awsome please make more lovly dragons i just wanne hug one of them

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    You do really lovely work! Hope to see plenty more in the future! :D

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      Im glad u like my works ^^ i more active on FA but for sure i will upload something here also

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        I still can't get into my account over there and, honestly, don't want to anymore xD So I hope you keep up posting here <3

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          after this all years FA is still my best place :) its easier to find clients there than on other sites but for sure i will upload also here some pics :)

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            Yeah, FA is a juggernaut, but it's been needing to be 'dethroned', as it were, for years now. Everything about the site, aside from the majority of the community and the traffic, is abysmal x3

            Either way, I wish you the best of luck and hope to continue seeing your stuff! And maybe catch a commission opening some time?

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              yeah maybe FA is juggernaut and propably im juggernaut too :D i feel sometimes soo old becoz i still using old things, still using cellphone (i dont have smartphone rly! some people cant belive) I have to begin to catch up XD becoz I'm starting to be a dinosaur.
              anyway im usualy open for comission (but well most info is on FA XD ) i should put here my price guide:)

              i have to go sleep :) thanks u for little chat and have a good time :)