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Elegance (by Mrawl) by etheras

Elegance (by Mrawl)


Good afternoon, my fluffies!

And welcome to 2015. We are entering the Year of The Fennec, just as we are saying goodbye to the previous Year of The Fennec. (In case you hadn't guessed: every year is the Year of the Fennec). We hope you had a delightful New Year's celebration, full of devotions and toasts to my royal majesty and my upcoming victories against the rebel holdouts.

This year promises new advancements in interesting technology, particularly in genetic manipulation (my equinification retrovirus is ready for testing) and mind contr--, er... pacification and convincing of subjects. <.<

Anyway: here's a sexy dance to commemorate the start of a new and sexy and happy new year!

~ Etheras

Hi guys!

I meant to upload this on the 1st but then I just totally forgot. So its a bit late.... hope that's ok. Hope also that all of you had a happy and safe celebration on New Year's Eve, and that your hangovers weren't too-too bad on New Year's Day. For me: I had fun, and my hangover was nonexistent. I did have a slightly terrible new year in that, after the festivities, I returned home, hopped in the shower, and then went to play a game to wind down before bed... only to find my computer locked up and when I rebooted, it didn't come back up. Hopefully this is not an omen for the rest of the year. Or maybe fate is just front-loading the 2015 BS, and I will have an otherwise fantastic year. Who knows? One can only hope!

Artwork by Mrawl
Etheras the Fennec (c)

If you enjoy this artwork, here are a few more images of Etheras by Mrawl!

Or if you simply prefer to see more artwork of Etheras in this sexy show costume, here are a few samples of that:
(among many others. Check through my gallery for more!)

And enjoy!

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