Emperor (sfw version) by Atryl by etheras

Emperor (sfw version) by Atryl


1 September 2014 at 18:04:45 MDT

Happy weekend, my Subjects!

Just relaxing... gazing out upon my realm.... in the distance you can see the new temple being built. Its a temple to me (obviously). ^.^ Just look at my divinity!

I decided to upload this artwork a little bit early because THE MOVE IS OVER (horay!) Yes, it took a billion years, but I am so happy that its done that I decided to upload this: one of my favorite pieces of artwork ever done of Etheras. He just looks so happy and relaxed and content, just like how I feel at my new place. He's even got a balcony remarkably similar to my own (although mine has no furnishings yet). It just seemed like a perfect time... and so, I uploaded. :)

The original NSFW version lives at http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14414918/


Artwork by :iconAtryl:
Etheras the Fennec is (c) www.etheras.com

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