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MY Chair (by Bonk) by etheras

MY Chair (by Bonk)


Going a little-bit out-of-order here, but there's a reason!

... only a few days remaining until the start of GAME OF CON CHAIRS ( FurryCon 2.0 ). I will be there starting Wednesday (but pretty late at night) so I'll probably not make my first appearance until Thursday.

Anyway the convention is Thursday-Sunday, with a cookout and a couple events on Monday at Soron's place for anyone who is staying around past dead-dog. 21+ because there will be copious amounts of free alcohol. I did the liquor run last night and .... it was a lot I might have to have a tip jar this year to mitigate the costs for the Thursday night Social.

Anyway its gonna be awesome. Its based in Rochester NY at the Radisson. For more info check out our homepage at:

I hope some of you guys can come. Its gonna be epic!

Anyway - this artwork was actually NOT created for this convention, but its just so appropriate that I thought I should post it up. Artwork is by Bonk. Etheras the Fennec is (c) (which... still isn't up yet, but I am working on it! Probably won't have anything until after the con)

Art by bonk
Etheras the Fennec is etheras

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    Dude....I live pretty close to that...

    Why am I just finding out about this now?!?

    I'll really try to come next year.