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Clean yet Dirty (by Mrawl) by etheras

Clean yet Dirty (by Mrawl)


26 April 2014 at 13:23:22 MDT

Happy weekend, my subjects!

I'm posting this one earlier than I normally would (there are quite a few images older than this one, ready for upload), because this image has the dubious title of my 'most pirated image by character thieves'. So I kinda want to put it up so that there's a record of it in my gallery.

But if its the most-pirated, it must be one of the best too, right? :P It is curious that my most pirated stuff all tends to be Etheras dressed in maid attire. Guess femboy maids are popular these days.

Anyway - hope you guys enjoy.

And for the record, Etheras is not a maid. He just sometimes roleplays as one for kinky stallions.

Artwork by Mrawl
Etheras the Fennec (c) Etheras

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    I love that! :o