Etheras Fennec by etheras

Etheras Fennec


17 February 2014 at 14:02:00 MST

Happy FENNEC OVERLORD DAY, ... uh I mean... President's Day. <.<

Yeah so anyway, I made this pic awhile back.

Its basically a conversion of one of the images I did of my first fennec character :iconJaspian:, which was a tribute to the Fennec Browser project (a super-lightwight version of firefox for mobile). A project which doesn't seem to have gone far, despite immense promise.

The "Obey" is new. It just seemed fitting with the cool glossy globe behind my head. There was some what space there which desired filling. Just the overall look and the kinda "Wizard of Oz"-feel to it made me think that the best day to put it up was today: President's Day!

I'll probably eventually move this to scraps so I can use it in as a profile image. But I hope you enjoy it.

Artwork by Etheras
Etheras the Fennec (c) Etheras

If you like this, check out the original artwork.

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