CatFoxBoi? (by Nate Day) by etheras

CatFoxBoi? (by Nate Day)


6 February 2014 at 21:05:40 MST

The guests danced with shallow decadence and frippery, tangoing with others of the city's elite as they laughed and stumbled through the steps drunkenly, spinning and whirling in their extravagant costumes. Rimming the dance floor of the Grande Hotel Ballroom, a hundred of the wealthiest most prominent citizens of the city watched, pressed close to their dates while admiring the asses or breasts of others, and losing themselves in the revelry and the jovial atmosphere of celebration ... and in the bubbles of the champagne, of course.

It was the evening of the Police Charity Costume Ball - the biggest night of the year for the Wounded Officer's Fund, and so... Not a thought was spared concerning the expense and grandeur, because the organizers knew that every dollar spent would be repaid twenty-fold by the rich "humanitarians" drowning themselves here tonight in imported booze... Citizens oozing so much wealth that such public displays of charity were a commodity to them more valuable than boats or antiques or fancy jewelry, because it allowed them to purchase something that wasn't usually for sale - public affection - And in a manner that they could do it without having to rub elbows with the unwashed throng of the city, while enjoying themselves at an event of the luxury and esteem befitting their exorbitant lifestyle.

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Story truncated due to Weasyl's absurdly low character limit! I could probably fill it up with general chatter (I tend to be a bit verbose in these comments)... anyway, thanks for reading.

This artwork is a tribute to Catwoman that I got got for the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises.Got really good seats. It was a good film, but not as good as the other two. Oh well, can't win 'em all. :P
Obviously this story is not part of the offical Etheras canon. But I hope you enjoyed it anyway

Artwork is performed by the amazing nateday . Thanks Nate!
Character is (obviously) me, etheras

Catwoman is probably © Time Warner... I think they're the ones who own DC Comics

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