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I Walk With Machines (by Atryl) by etheras

I Walk With Machines (by Atryl)


Hearken to me, my subjects!

Lord Etheras in his true form. I get a lot of Etheras artwork of him in compromising and sexy situations, and a lot of artists will draw him in a traditional Egyptian setting because of the Ankh and Eye of Horus makeup, but neither of these are Etheras canon, so I asked Atryl to do a canonical picture of Etheras awhile ago, and I really think it came out wonderful.

Etheras is a galactic overlord, ruling over billions of worlds, and always seeking to expand the empire. He does this through the production of mechanical abominations. Sleek black metal with glowing eyes, that fall upon worlds like meteor showers and eliminate all resistance.

He rules from his throne room aboard an enormous moon-sized starship, or from his palace - the Fennecropolis, which is a city-sized structure on an ice planet. His throne room is enormous and dark. Its foggy with a persistent mist of incense. Towering columns disappear into the mists overhead to loft an unseen roof. Endless rows of columns disappear into the mists in all directions, spaced with monotonous regularity and precision. Etheras himself seems to glow with an ethereal light illuminating the space around him. Barely noticeable, strange black shapes move silently in the darkness between the columns - the robotic sentries - always watching, protecting their master.

Yes, Etheras keeps equine guards, but they're just for show and pleasure. Its these machines that are the real guards. Uncorruptable, single-minded, soulless, ever-vigilant, their finely tuned sensors detecting changes in heartbeat and even the slightest movement. Visitors into the throne room report an ever-present feeling of being watched, as their emotions are manipulated by subtle additives in the incense. Most report a lightheaded euphoria, while equines in-particular report feelings of unquenchable sexual desire, indicative of some kind of equine pheromones in the mist.

A bit of Etheras lore for you. I felt the artwork warranted a little explanation. Let me know if you find it interesting.

Artwork by Atryl
Etheras the Fennec (c)

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