Oktoberfest (by Rook and Pandy) by etheras

Oktoberfest (by Rook and Pandy)


1 October 2017 at 15:49:08 MDT

Hearken to me, my subjects!

Happy Oktoberfest! Yes, I realize that Oktoberfest technically started weeks ago, but I don't think that most people know that Oktoberfest is actually starts in mid-September. So what better time than October 1? ^.^

I do have to say: autumn is my favorite time of the year... aside from Christmas perhaps... so I'm quite happy that its getting cooler out and the leaves have turned interesting colors.

So: sing a song, dance a merry jig, and have a drink with a fenn ;)

Artwork by the duo of theblackrook and lavenderpandy
Etheras the Fennec is (c) www.etheras.com

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A lot of these also have Eth in interesting costumes, so I think a second category of "Eth in other cute outfits" would probably be redundant. ^.^


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