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Explaining (by Freckles) by etheras

Explaining (by Freckles)


Hearken to me, my subjects!

It is part of the supervillain code to explain all the plans to captive do-gooders and show off our marvelous conceit. Why aren't you paying attention to my words? Eyes up here!

This artwork was done during my Galactic Overlord kick. Its definitely something I want to revisit, but I think I'm going to ease away from the purple over-the-top space-fashion, and maybe go for some more traditional notes for "Etheras as a space emperor". So hopefully you'll be seeing more of that in upcoming months.

Artwork by Freckles
Etheras the Fennec (c)

Want to see more of Etheras in "Galactic Overlord" attire? Check out:

Wants to see more of Etheras by Freckles? Here you go:


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