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Marvelous (by MoodyFerret) by etheras

Marvelous (by MoodyFerret)


Still catching up! Moving more arts to Weasyl ^.^


“Marvelous” Etheras thought as he gazed into the amber eyes of own reflection in the dressing room mirror. He stroked a smudge of powder on his cheek, fixing his airbrush-perfect white fur, gazing at the striking fennec that looked back, admiring himself like a lover admires his mate. He was dressed exquisitely in a silver showcostume, a custom-made form-fitting bodysuit clinging to the lithe trim shape of his effeminate body, hugging and flaunting his exquisite curves. Long, plush silver and white ostrich plumes splaying out from a fan at the small of his back, accentuating the sway of hips and embellishing his graceful movements... a truly breathtaking image to behold.

An attendant knocked at the door so meekly as to hardly brush the dressing room door, knowing that to startle the self-styled Prince of All-Things would be imprudent, but Etheras needed nothing so brazen as a firm knock. It was as-if his species was bred to reign over the meekness of the cowed. His large powerful fennec-ears had picked up the rapid nervous footsteps, the quick panicked breaths, even the fluttering heart of the old Arabian long before his knuckles touched to wood.

"You may enter", said Etheras, turning in his chair finally to receive the elderly stallion in charge of the theater. The large slightly-hobbled equine did his best to bow, which he did repeatedly as he spoke, keeping his gaze cast down to the floor. "My apologies, Lord. Apologies for interrupting your grooming. Please forgive me..."

Etheras rested his chin on his hand, and said in a slightly icy sweet tone, "I had already finished. What did you wish to tell me?"

The stallion looked up for a moment and his eyes went wide, staring, as though hypnotized by the incredible fennec boy. His mouth dropped open at the sight, and he lost his train of thought until Etheras's expression darkened from placid boredom to intolerant annoyance. "... Well..?" the fennec encouraged the horse to continue, a threat implicit in his soft voice. The horse stammered for a moment, then blushed, realizing the front of his pants had tightened, and further embarrassed as he realized that Lord Etheras had noticed this as well. The stallion finally got out, "My Lord, the theater is ready for your performance."

Etheras sat silently for a moment, squinting slightly at the horse, as if deciding what to do with him. Finally he waved a paw dismissively at the stallion and said, "Then I shall perform", and he hopped to his dainty little pawpads. Giving his form one last look in the mirror, he strode out of the dressing room with his beautiful long shapely legs making long confident strides until he reached the edge of the curtain, slightly offstage. Some of the fog wafted in from the stage, providing atmosphere for the lights, which began to dim as the performance started. Replacing them was the illumination of the stage lighting, which brightened as the music began to play. It was a slow, heavy beat, distinctly Egyptian.

BOOM .. cha-cha ..BOOM .. cha

... with violins swelling up behind it, and a sitar, backed by the lamenting tones of a female voice, all knit together and complementing eachother. There on the stage, the Fennec Prince appeared, as if by magic, fading in through the waves of fog rolling off the stage. And slowly he danced, moving his hips side to side in a slow, sultry, unbelievably sexual bellydance. He writhed and swayed hypnotically, clearly a creature with fine control of his slender perfect body, his skills well-practiced and honed to the point of mastery.

But this wasn't just any show. This was a test. Suspended in with the fog was a powerful aphrodisiac that rolled over the audience. All stallions, their minds were foggy with the intoxicating scent, as well as a powerful drug administered before the performance. They were strapped into their seats and made to watch the delightful performance, and as they did, black-hooded and hunched forms navigated the isles of the theater. They would go down each row and feel the groins of the stallions, to see which approved of their fennec master's glorious form. Those found to be flaccid would, of course, be taken to Resource Reclamation and excised from the population. The nutrients would leeched from their bodies for more useful purposes and their husks incinerated to ensure that their genetic dysfunction not carry for into the rest of the population. Thanks to his practice, the number of unresponsive stallions had dropped every year until almost none failed the test anymore... and those who were most-excited would have a treat waiting for them after the show.

They stared, eyes wide, slack-jawed at the beauty performing before them on the stage, their hearts beating faster and faster as the music tempo and volume crept higher with each verse, not even noticing the hunched black forms dragging away a few of their fellow audience members. And with a final THUD the music ended and the lights went out. The stallions tried to cheer uproariously, but strapped to their chairs, all they could do is cat-call and whistle. Etheras would return to his dressing room to freshen up for a moment, and then would peruse the audience, feeling the endowments of some of his new 'victims'. A few of the choicest morsels would be lucky enough to be invited backstage to meet their self-anointed god-prince, and celebrate the beginning of a new year under His Glorious and Benevolent Reign, getting to know their Lord inside and out, and repeatedly.

Happy new year, my loyal subjects! :P

Be safe tonight. Be responsible. Know your limit. And DO NOT drink and drive. Also be very careful on the roads because others may inevitably be drinking and driving. There are more drunk driving incidents on New Year’s Eve than any other night of the year. Keep that in mind.

Artwork is by the amazing MoodyFerret
Story is by me!
Etheras the Fennec (c)

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