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I need help


11 March 2019 at 09:11:09 MDT

So these last months have been rough. Between Christmas emptying my bank account and not being able to work for all of January, I was barely making meets end. But I was slowly getting back on track.

Except this month, I was hit by an unexpected power bill that pulled me deep into the red. Turns out they had undervalued my power costs and that the real costs exceed what I've been paying by about $300.

Long story short, this means I simply can't pay the bills this month, and since my commission queue is full already, I can't take any more work in. So while I hate to beg for money, I really need you guys' help. If you have a couple bucks to send my way, I'd be really grateful. You can use my Paypal or my new and shiny Ko-fi. Spreading the word is appreciated too.

Thanks a lot to all of you :)

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UPDATE 1 : Holy tapdancing hamsters, $178 in an hour ?? You guys rock !

UPDATE 2 : $251 ! Almost there !

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