Meet Mellona! (New adopt!) by Espinoth

Meet Mellona! (New adopt!)


30 March 2015 at 14:56:56 MDT

Bought this cute-as-fuck watermelon Fruit Dragoon adopt off Ashiji
She's definitely gonna be in the Nuzlocke comic Imma be making... Probably as a Gardenia in Gen IV~ cuz fruit. >w>

Anyways, she needs a name!! Suggestions welcome in the comments below~
Suggestions so far:

Art ©   Ashiji
Dis cutie now owned by ME. <3

OTHER ADOPTS IN NEED OF NAMES: (Human female; Pokemon Gym Leader) (Threed; one of the feminine genders [female, shemale, true herm]) ...Just noticed I don't have this one on Weasyl. Gonna have to upload the pic of her here.