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Introducing: Kaeli Cedarfallen! by Espinoth

Introducing: Kaeli Cedarfallen!


21 August 2018 at 09:42:43 MDT

Meet my newest and cutest character, Kaeli! I've long been wanting to create a character that I'll use regularly who's A: Not a Pokemon, B: Doesn't always have to be hyper, and C: IS CUTE AS FUQ!
Kaeli is my answer to that~ Based on a Venezuelan Poodle Moth, Kaeli is a rather laid-back girl with a penchant for game design, cosplaying, dressing up, and just gaming in general! She has a high level of spatial awareness, multitasking and associated skills due to both her wings and her four arms, and often puts this to good use in multiplayer games by using two controllers at once, being a whiz at hotkeying in MMOs, or just doing other things with two of her arms while the other pair take care of whatever needs to be taken care of in the game world~ Along with this, she's a massive nerd, especially with big sci-fi and fantasy worlds--like those of Star Wars, Star Trek, The Elder Scrolls, and Dungeons and Dragons--as well as a ton of manga and anime! Her current favorites are Dr. Stone, The Promised Neverland, One Piece (manga only because Toei is shit at pacing), and My Hero Academia. She also enjoys flying around and letting the winds throw her around, sometimes even running on the sides of buildings because of how light-weight she is! She's a nice girl, if a bit shy, and has a tendency to zone out completely while working on something, to the point that it takes someone jabbing her bust to snap her out of it, something that ALWAYS gets her hot and flustered under the collar. She also has a habit of getting into... Awkward situations with her color-inverted twin, Lika. (owned by Psychedel )

Only this and two other versions will be here on Weasyl. For the others, check out the Scaps section of my FA or her character sheet on my IB! Same username on both sites as here.

Kaeli © me
Art ©  SpunkyMutt