Meet Ling! by Espinoth

Meet Ling!


15 November 2016 at 15:17:10 MST

Meet Ling! The newest member of the Arktändr family. A cute little shortstacked Eevee with a spunky attitude and a fashion sense to match! She's a bright bubbly girl who above all else just wants to have FUN~ ...Well, at least until 'punk' culture started to affect her. This is the last picture we have of her being 'normal'! Now, she's got piercings all over both her ears, in her naughty bits; dresses in decidedly gothic and punk attire, and has dyed her hair a galaxy color. And she's become a real spitfire, too! ...Both in the literal sense, and the figurative.
Why isn't she evolved, you ask? That's... A long story. Involving an elaborate prank played by FORMER friends involving ice cream and powdered Everstone.

Ling Angrec Arktändr © me
Art © StrawberryCremeGoodra / ChaseyUltraBeastGoodra
Pokémon © Gamefreak, Nintendo, and Satoshi Tajiri. Please support the official release. HEH! Release.