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Sautharan by Eskiworks



8 January 2013 at 14:27:45 MST

This is Sautharan, one of the "main six" of a comic my buddies and I work on in our free time. So far it's mostly be drawing and developing the characters visually while they suss out the story, no actual comic yet. But it's super fun, and I'm really attached to the characters!

Sautharan is a bone dragon, a species which possesses a power to sense life, to take it to nourish themselves (the essence of life, not just eating prey), and to give life if they so chose. They are a very sensitive species, Sautharan in particular is a very sensitive individual. He is bonded to his human rider, Dolan, as part of a group of young dragon riders who are pioneering the art.

You can see why this is fun to work on now. ;) Just a quick loose image to show off his design!

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    I noticed you were taking a nabyn break.

    I'm glad you're still here on Weasyl.

    This is awesome. I really love the saurian feel of it. The bony plates are just love and I am just crazy over how they go down over his face. If it would be alright, I would like to do some fan art of him sometime.

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      I would be THRILLED to get fan art of Sautharan, and I know the writers would too! Poor sensitive Sauth, who only wants to be peaceful and hang out with his friends. XD

      And yeah, Nabyn community just sort of disappeared. I love the site still, but I'll return at a later date perhaps. =3 Weasyl's community may be small, but it's growing and active. As long as it stays that way, I too shall remain active!

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    Wooooahhh very interesting. o-o The pattern emerging in the skeleton armor and stuff..

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    I love how you did this :D

    especially the white party <3

    I like his design, it's great x3

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      Thank you very much! He's my favorite of all the dragons so far. ^^

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        You're welcome x3