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30 November 2014 at 15:35:54 MST

An Icon for the wonderful Skulldog! I finished this a while ago, I'm quite terrible at uploading icons in a timely manner. I did this for her in exchange for a long forgotten convention commission, of one of my old "pelt badges". Her commission got lost in the shuffle sadly, and when I was made aware of my screw-up I wanted to do something to make it up to her. Skulldog is quite possibly one of the nicest and most professional artists out there, I am so glad I got to do this for her!

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    This looks very cool love the colors and the skull

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    That's unfortunate about the convention commission, but accidents happen and it's classy and very pro of you to make up for it! This looks so nice, too.

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    Love how this icon came out, the crispness of your style REALLY compliments the skull/fur contrast I think :3

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    Just to help you out a little: it looks like you were trying to post skulldog's icon and/or username as a link in the description. Use <!skulldog> (appears as skulldog)for icons, <~skulldog> (appears as skulldog) for usernames, and both ! and ~ if you want both like this <!~skulldog> (appears as skulldog skulldog). Hope I was helpful and not just totally misunderstanding your intent :).

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      oops, yeah I just copy/pasted the description from DA. I wasn't intending to make an icon, I am aware of Weasyl's formatting. :)