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Winter Trio by Eskiworks

Winter Trio


A full illustration for author C.J. Milbrandt, of three Changer brothers from her series "Byways". There's Ewan whose animal form is an elk, Zane turns into a wolf, and the finally Ganix in his raccoon form. Up in the sky we can see their dad in his eagle form, Ian, watching over his boys and making sure they don't get into much trouble (well, not too much at least). This piece was just an intense amount of fun to make! I relished in the little details of the bittersweet berries, the sparkle of the snow, every little detail was just a blast to paint. And just in time for winter too! While I painted this, Colorado had a nice big several day snow. So I sat in, drank tea, painted, and occasionally glanced out the window to see the snow fall. =)

See work in progress shots (including an animated gif) in my tumblr -

24 hours in Photoshop CS6 with an Intuos 3 Tablet

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Visual / Digital


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    Ahhh this is lovely! You've included some of my favorite winter visuals, from the type of light to the berries and deep footprints. Nice integration of textures and light effects too! I like seeing you adding more of those techniques to your work!

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    Super nice! The scene looks so real, I can almost hear the snow crunching.

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    Very pretty! As always :3

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    Oh beautiful work on the scenery! Love how you rendered the snow and their tracks through it, and those expressions! Those and their body languages give a fun, relaxed atmosphere to this :3

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    Very amazing piece of art. And I agree, you did a fantastic job on the snow glare. Just wonderful. :)

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    "So I sat in, drank tea, painted, and occasionally glanced out the window to see the snow fall. =)"

    Sounds like the good life!

    Wonderful piece!

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    The details in the snow and berries are a very nice touch. It looks like it was a fun piece to work on.

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    I love those birch trees and the lighting is so good in this

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    Oh my gosh, the texture and effect of the snow is just amazing!