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Harp in the Dark


22 October 2014 at 13:32:17 MDT

Little watercolor and ink portrait I did of my character, The Harp, while hanging out with friends yesterday! I wanted to take commissions similar to this one for Halloween, because the stark black ink background is pretty awesome for Halloween themed stuff. I need to make a scarier sample though, Harp sitting like she's having a portrait taken isn't all that frightening, haha! I have an idea though, will make a sample this weekend and post it and prices soon!

Here's some extra information just for you Weasyl watchers!

The Harp is the best singer and storyteller of her generation of Alecani. It is her job to sooth the masses, gather stories and retell them, to sing the songs of her time. Every generation a new Harp is chosen to fulfill this important cultural role, but until recently I wasn’t too sure how I wanted them to be chosen! I disliked the idea of holding a contest, as it kind of takes away some of the spiritual importance of The Harp’s position, and leaves the position open only for those ambitious enough to take it (who might not be qualified). So instead, each Harp is chosen by a special spirit, who only appears when The Harp sings.

Alecani tend to gather little spirits when they sit down for story time, or when they sing. So it’s not all that uncommon to see a few, or a small crowd, of minor spirits who come to listen. The spirit that appears when The Harp sings is extremely choosey. It enjoys collecting songs and stories, and will choose only the very best singers to gather from. No one knows how long this spirit has been around, collecting generation after generation of Alecani tales and songs, but it’s presence as part of Alecani culture is extremely important to them.

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    The ink black background is indeed super nice!

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      It's how I'm gonna do your fish piece I think! =D

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    Oohhh the information about how the Harp gets chosen is really interesting! So does this mean that this particular character here is the current Harp but not the first/only? I kinda always thought The Harp was just the character's name but it makes sense if it's more like a title x)

    Also, the black looks really striking! This doesn't seem super spooky but probably with a scarier and less sweet-looking subject it would be perfect for Halloween.

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    Ooh, the idea of spirits and singing is really neat!

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    :D Love the texture ! Say do you have any books about all these creatures ? :)