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Winter Flora by Eskiworks

Winter Flora


Full body commission for VasiliLis! This is Flora Fiore, She's an extraterrestrial plant-fox hybrid that is getting used to her new form and earth life! Her coat changes with the seasons, and she can communicate with and control plant life. However, she is not a peaceful benevolent being, like many plant hybrids you see in fiction. Best beware this flower... The owner of this character has a bio and an image of her other seasonal coats if you're curious!
Other coats:

I have been messing with matte painting for textures on characters lately, and for this one I feel pleased with the result! The textures you see on her tail, hips, and should region began as photographs of blue spruce branches from outside my apartment. I must thank fellow artist HanMonster for cluing me into this technique. I've used textures and matte painting for portions of environments and objects, but for some reason I thought it would not work on characters! It worked great for the pine needles here, and also in the fur on this piece ( ) I have some WIP images in my tumblr of this one, if you're curious how that works.

Works in progress shots -
10.5 hours in Photoshop CS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

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Visual / Digital


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    I saw the WIPs on my dash! Your texture work is extremely good. Great job!

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    Evergreen needles!! So cool. Really interesting seeing how the photographed textures were used, I can imagine that would be really helpful.