Fierce Friend by Eskiworks

Fierce Friend


29 November 2013 at 07:57:58 MST

A friend is a friend, no matter if they are the same species as you or not. Any strong friendship is worth defending fiercely! The companionship between this fox and field mouse might seem unlikely, but I think he is showing where his loyalties lie. Don't mess with the fox's friend, seriously. Commission for Ralenfox done during my first-in-a-while on demand commission stream! I will host more stream sessions like it in the future, where a person can pay to have their art done that day, live in my livestream channel. Regular commissions at my usual rate are still available, but there is a pretty significant wait due to the length of my queue.

9 hours in Photoshop CS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

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    This is stunning o3o and for 9 hours of work as well! Wow! Credit to that :3

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    I remember this. Good job on vulpine anatomy and expressions. And a smirking mouse.

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    Wow, the detail! And the teeth!...and the adorable mouse!

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    Rawr! Friendship is a wonderful thing :)

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    This is beautiful. ;w; I love the way you colored the fox. The grays really go well with the green background. And DAMN, that expression looks awesome.

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    Amazing. I have always admired your work and this one is no exception. The solid anatomy and beautiful fur. His eyes have such awesome depth.