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Jack and Via by Eskiworks

Jack and Via


8 May 2013 at 17:01:46 MDT

Art for Ubin of her characters Via and Jack the peahound! Since Jack is part peacock, I wanted to get some of that iridescent look into his fur that peacocks have. I wish I had Via’s hair!

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Visual / Digital


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    Wow! The iridescence really shows; I can almost sense what the fur feels like. Such a cute scene, and you did a wonderful job on Via's expression. All in all a very lovely piece to look at! :)

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    Such amazing textures...

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    This came out so beautifully, love it

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    This might be my favorite thing you've done so far? I'm not sure why exactly, but it's just cute. And I REALLY like the peacocky-ness you gave to Jack. He's so shiny and pretty. ;~;

    I also really like the painting style you're doing with pieces from this one on. I can't explain why it appeals to me, but it's like...a little less smooth, but in a good way? IDK, I think I like seeing the brush strokes. |D

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      Why thank you so much! I love doing more painterly chunky work, it's really satisfying. It makes the digital painting feel more physical somehow, and you get good result with much less nit picking and wrist pain. XD

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        I know what you mean! Seeing the brush strokes is really nice. |D I especially just love this piece, though, aaa I don't think I can even fully explain why.