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Serpents Overview


1 December 2016 at 15:32:14 MST

The (hopefully) last sapient species in the world of TeaFeathers! Serpents are bipedal dragon people native to the continent. They rarely were in conflict with the Cat Clans, due to their prowess in magic the cats typically gave them their space. After the war between the Cat Clans and the Alecani/Pylura alliance, their territory got pushed a little further to the South as the alliance established their tribe borders. Alecani being powerful magic users themselves, they were a lot to contend with. However the serpents seemed to give their territory up rather willingly to the Alecani. Perhaps they were curating special magical locations in the northern reaches of their lands, and saw the Alecani might be fit guardians of these places themselves. Perhaps they simply wished to avoid conflict.

Serpents are the most magically inclined of all the sapient animals on this continent, with virtually no instances of individuals being born without magic. The elite spiritual leaders of the serpents, and some adept magic users, have wings and other enhanced features (horns, different colors, etc). The modifications depend on which spirits blessed the individual upon their initiation into the magical elite. Wings and other features are bestowed upon them after completing certain requirements and rituals.

Serpents can change their physical sex at will, with some effort of course. No one individual is male or female for the entirety of their lives. As you can imagine, gender roles don't really play a part in serpent society. They come in a variety of colors depending on their region and magical inclination. Thought I'd show a plain looking set as a base!

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