I am... THE ZIGZAGOON! (by Fuzzy Images) by ErikaFuzzbottom

I am... THE ZIGZAGOON! (by Fuzzy Images)


14 February 2020 at 16:24:47 MST

Art by Fuzzy Images, who can be found at https://fuzzyimagestudio.com/home, and the image at https://twitter.com/SnideScribe/status/995428996757110784?s=20

Nidoran♀ is my favorite pokémon ever! So much so, I turn into a nidoran-dragon hybrid from time to time. Well, as it so happens, Fuzzy Images caught me [dressing up in a zigzagoon superhero outfit in Second Life], and was inspired to draw the above image. And oh gosh, do I love it! It even inspired me to [add gloves to my own costume].

Villains beware, I have Poison Point! Er, I mean... I'm totally not a nidoran in disguise. Nope.