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.: ACEOs #13-15 :. by Eraili

.: ACEOs #13-15 :.


Well hi there :)
I have some new ACEOs for you~

/#13- the violet dragon: this is Nere, a gift for Inghelene <3 I just felt to draw her something, lol. So have a pic of Nere x3 This kinda reminds me of thei picture of Nere I did some time ago: (wow this is old already :O ) however, the scan appears fuzzy and the colours are not right o.O I tried to somehow manage it to look like the original but it hardly does, I am sorry ^^"

/#14- the grey dragon: My Mitsuki, lol. I hope you didn't forgot her, hm? A card for me. Obviously. It is also fuzzy but at least the colours are alright ^^"

/#15- the bird: It's a Rotkehlchen (german); European Robin (english, what a cute name xD); Erithacus rubecula. Or.. should be. But I think it looks like one :) I like this card. I really do, i wish i could keep it, but that would be a bad idea to keep all cards I actually start for Ama. Yes, Amadoodles, this card is for you, so treasure it, because I love it, haha xD There is no real shadow on it because I liked it that way ^^

Okay, I shoudl stop playing with watercolours, but it's so fun ;u;
and they actually don't have that black outline, lol

Media used: black ink, watercolours, copics, liquid frisket, coloured pencils, a bit of white ink and salt

Nere (c) Inghelene
European Robin (c) Mother Earth
Mitsuki & Art (c) Finlay

You're not allowed to use this artwork in any without my writtern permission!!

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    Oh my gosh, these ACEOs are darling! Makes me want to get back into it, I haven't done them in so long! XD I can't even decide which one is my favorite.

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      Aww thank you so much <3 also for the watch :D
      Than do it! They are fast done and still so much fun x3