My remedy by EosFoxx

My remedy


24 February 2013 at 07:48:05 MST

I wish this to be my remedy

It was a long but a last good bye

my heart hurt everytime I thought about the loss

I cried when I realised you will never come back

Every time I felt alone

I cried out your name.

But I knew you would not return anymore

And I know it is time to let you go

may your soul find freedom

not bound anymore to this world by my sorrow

I still treasure every memory of you

but I will smile now in recall of every happy moment

no tears of sorrow no bondings

I wish you to be happy were ever you are now.

Good bye my brother and best friend

You shall never be forgotten

When someone dies that was very close to you

there is a gap that can never be closed again by another person

but it can be filled with the good memories that have been.

that you have of the person you lost.

The cross is a symbol for a grave here, not really religious

the white cold land around it.. .is like the emptiess, the blindness you feel

and the wide land is for the never ending search of relief from that pain

I wanted to draw this for so long

After he died

I felt like I would never laugh again

tat I'm not even aloud to laugh anymore

but now I know that he would like to see me laugh

that now..since he is not here anymore

I have to laugh for him and carry the kindness through the world he would have....

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