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Good day.
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I'm an artist who draws his own webcomic, as well as aspiring to make animations some day. This is an account where you can find the latest pages of The Journey of a Lifetime, as well as some of my "core" artwork.



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Picking up the pieces

on 12 December 2017 at 19:25:06 MST

It seems like almost everyone is gone now, huh? Well, don't worry.

We can rebuild this.

I'm just going to upload some introductory stuff, to get the ball rolling on here.

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    Hey! I am :>

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      Oh, cool! I wasn't sure if you were still on here or not, you hadn't uploaded art and I'm sad to say I haven't exactly been the best of friends. How have you been?

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        nyeah not much in the mood of drawing lately, but stil pushing myself to draw sketches. But it seems tho your getting much on the drawing table :3 ! btw i am doing fine ! 'n hope so you are

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          Well I'm about to be less busy, since I'm going into college. But I'm glad you're doing great.

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    What's up, everyone?