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31 days of EDVM Day 1 - Mama and Daughter by Enskyer

31 days of EDVM Day 1 - Mama and Daughter


Our first pic of the day for Edvm 2021! Which was requested by Tyfisignal (FA)

Just a normal night on a Halloween. Two friends we're out to trick or treat! :P With Ty, He had carried a bucket with him but not just
any old bucket. A Bat Bucket :3 and with his friend was proper Noun, She was out with Ty too to make sure he was safe during this fun
night. Suddenly a moon came along lurking behind them. The bat bucket seems to give out a reaction. while Walking, they noticed that about them that could change them forever. they started to noticed Purple on them while they started to change. before you know it, Both Ty and Proper started to change into Bats. Proper suddenly got big and noticed that her Hooves we're changing into Hands and feet. while Ty notices he started shirnking. after the transformation Proper was a big mama while Ty was her child. Heh, now that's a coincidence there :P Proper looking out for Ty and now they both have there own roles now.

Ty Belongs to tyfisignal
Proper belongs to 54065001

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