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14 February 2013 at 22:36:57 MST

This is essentially a digital blueprint for a wood block/lino print badge I wanna make for this year's stockton con.

I know no furs will be there since stockton is pretty sparce on fur population.

I have the lineart so I'm planning on printing it out and then tracing it backwards onto a block.

If I ever get lazy it wouldn't be hard to get all the colors on this badge since they're mostly dull and it'll be easy on a CMYK printer. :P

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    I literally look at this an think: "I am so pissed off, I'm stuck on this badge" kind of deal

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      XD LOL

      Ahhh I'm not THAT grumpy, I promise. Maybe cause I was grumpy while drawing it??? uwu It reminds me of a grumpy look persian cat though..

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    i love this, but at first when i read the name i thought it said REL but i knew that wasnt your name but it still took me a sec to remember its a V. i think its cause the R and E are perfectly aligned but the V is off... idk if you care that much about it but thought i'd mention it. only critique i have :P otherwise, i super love this oAo

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      Oh thanks. uwu And yuh I noticed that too. I might go over it later, but first I'll see what I can do about making it a wood block first. If I can't then I'll just print this out later after fixing any inconsistencies. :3

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        im stoked to see what it will look like as a woodblock print. i used to date a printmaking major and seeing all the cool lino and wood and tubs of ink and jsut all the supplies and prints and STUFF. always thought the whole process and the results were reaaaallly cooooool *u*

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          uwu Don't worry, as soon as I can get the materals, I'll post it up as soon as it happens. Granted, I've never done it in wood; just lino. I heard it was super hard though... Well depending on the wood.. But I know if worse comes to worse, lino is only 1 dollar at the local hobby store!

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            aaaah i'm so excited to see!