Hey there! I'm Akila (Genesis, actually, but my screen name and preferred name is Akila), though you can call me Enid, Ikuzim if you found me on dA, or Paprika. I'm an islander ninny that draws mainly woofers, but I can draw other things too. I'm not very active here, so you might just want to look for me on dA as Ikuzim.

I'm a rather friendly person to be honest, really. If you want to talk to me, then do so! Don't be shy, it's not like I'll go to your house in the middle of the night and haunt you in your sleep or anything like that. Well, for now.

Tools of the Trade: I mainly use Paint Tool Sai with my Wacom Draw pen tablet, but I do sometimes tend to use Medibang Paint Pro.

If there's any question you would like to ask, don't be afraid to do so! I'm all ears. Or, well, eyes.

Hope you enjoy my art!

Hablo español! No tengan miedo de hablarlo en mi perfil, de veras!


You might want to talk to me first

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on 21 January 2014 at 13:59:51 MST

From the derp that happened to come from deviantART to post art on another website.

I didn't know what to say there, so why not just wing it like that?

Anywho, if you read my profile description, then you must already know to call me Akila (or Enid, or Blue, etc...). I'm a derpy puertorrican girl between the ages of 13-18, who draws feral art (strong suit being canines, specifically wolves) and Sonic art, or more specific, fan characters.

First of all, you can find me in the following deviantART accounts, if you wish to find me and stalk me elsewhere:

You can find me on Tumblr as mizuki-sapphire

And as for Skype, you might have to send me a note for that. And obviously get to know me here.

Down below I filled out a basic journal meme so you can at least know a few things about me. Your choice whether to read it or not!

About Me

  • Name: Akila
  • Single or taken: Haha. . .hah. . . forever alone.
  • Sex: Female
  • Birthday: October 15th
  • Height: 5'4
  • Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Straight


  • Animal: Wolf
  • Color: Purple
  • Drink: Water
  • Element: Fire
  • Food: That's a tough one...
  • Game: Pokemon X, Sonic Lost Worlds
  • Movie: Frozen
  • Song: I have a few
  • Subjects in school: Office Suite
  • T.V.: Any anime i can handle watching.

Have You Ever

  • Smoked?: Nope. Not thinking about it, either.
  • Bungee jumped?: Nerp.
  • Made yourself throw up?: Heck no, I'd never do that!
  • Skinny dipped?: Are you crazy.
  • Ever been in love?: Hahah. . . Uhm. . . Not really.
  • Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: Not that I remember.
  • Cried when someone died?: i was very little when one of my family members died, however I don't remember if I did cry about that. I did recently, though, if that counts.
  • Lied: . . . Maybe.
  • Fallen for your best friend?: No, no thank you.
  • Used someone: No.
  • Done something you regret?: Plenty.


  • Clothes: . . . Uniform?
  • CD in player: I don't have a CD player.
  • DVD in player: My DVD player is in a box.

Last Person

  • You touched: . . . Myself?
  • Hugged: Someone who's eye I almost cut out with paper. Don't ask.
  • You kissed: In what way?
  • You IMed: You mean Skype? Scintillatingescapist. Go follow that person here, she's amazing.
  • Talk to online: . . . Did I not just answer that in the question above.

Are You?

  • Understanding?: I consider myself that in most occasions, and people tell me that sometimes...
  • Open-minded?: Not much.
  • Arrogant?: Hardly.
  • Insecure?: Somewhat.
  • Random?: Very.
  • Hungry?: If you mean that I'm always hungry, then no.
  • Smart?: Yes.
  • Moody?: Sometimes.
  • Organized?: Depends.
  • Shy?: Somewhat.
  • Difficult?: . . . i have yet to hear other people's opinions.
  • Bored easily?: To be honest, yes.
  • Entertained easily?: Depends.
  • Obsessed?: With what?
  • Lazy?: Very.
  • Angry?: I tend to hold my anger in, unless I'm with close friends.
  • Happy?: Depends on the case.
  • Hyper?: Not really.
  • Trusting?: . . . Well. . . It's complicated.


  • In the morning I: Refuse to stand up up until a half hour later.
  • Love is: Something that so far I haven't seen people in real life besides my family express towards me. Wait, what.
  • I dream about: Nothing. I don't remember what I dream about.
  • Makes you laugh the most: When my dogs do stupid things with each other.
  • Makes you smile: Depends.

Do You Ever

  • Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: I never really did that, actually. Haven't had a special someone yet.
  • Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: Not at all.
  • Wish you were younger?: . . . to be honest, no, 'cause i want to go through experiences in life and not stay stuck in one period.
  • Cry because someone said something to you?: Erm, not on their faces, but when I'm alone.


  • Of times I have had my heart broken?: None.
  • Of Cd's I own: . . . In my possession, it would be none.
  • Of scars on my body: None, actually.
  • Of bones I've broken: . . . 2. . .

And uhm, yeah, that's just about it! Have a meme about myself. I had to edit out a few things, since in reality, they were pretty irrelevant to my life or just sounded plain stupid or wrong.

Thanks for reading for those who did, and I hope to talk to you all sometime! See ya!

Akila, out!

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