The Ten Uber Crystals by EnhancedToon

The Ten Uber Crystals


9 October 2017 at 21:45:55 MDT

These are the Uber Crystals. Each one has a power and trait.

Fusion Crystal (Blue): This blue crystal allows the user to fuse both person/object and itself into fusion character.

Life Crystal (Green): This green crystal allows the user to heal wounded lifeform or revive corpse back to life.

Soul Crystal (Purple): This purple crystal allows the user to steal, control and manipulate souls, living or dead. It also has the ability to steal any powers and abilites from others. Wonder why people argue that purple crystal is more powerful than the other crystals.

Portal Crystal (Orange): This orange crystal allows the user to open portal to other dimensions. It might require to use map to focus on user's destination, It will only travel to a portal gate.

Wish Crystal (White): When holding the crystal while looking at a shooting star, blowing a birthday candle or a dandelion or throw a coin at a wishing well, the wish will come true if pure one.

Light Crystal (Yellow): This yellow crystal allows the user to light up the dark.

Power Crystal (Red): This red crystal allows the user to greatly increase and enhance strength, endurance, and willpower. It's can also boost the other crystals' effects.

Time Crystal (Cyan): This cyan crystal allows the user to control time, slow down, speed up, or freeze time completely. It can also travel forward or back in time, and it can also be used to power time machines.

Heart Crystal (Pink): This pink crystal allows the user to purifying the controlled or tainted character.

Paragon Crystal (Black): The most powerful and dangerous crystal all of them. This will allows the user to transform into Paragon Form. You might find out soon.