Extra Hyper by EnhancedToon

Extra Hyper


6 November 2016 at 21:50:30 MST

The brand new Hyper Form for Hyper.
Hyper transform into Extra Hyper. His fur is snow white and blazing hot and he have two tails.

Hyper can still fly, he nearly indestructible, he can use telekinesis or spatial migration and he can shoot hyper beam in this form. This beams are strong enough to pierce through anything such as diamond, steel, mithril, titansteel and wall.

Nearly Indestructible
Spatial Migration
Hyper Beam

There might be weakness to Hyper Form. If Hyper transform back to normal after being in Hyper Mode for too long, his body will be extremely overheated and become very very weak to stand up. His Hyper Form can consume his energy. It will take about whole month to cool down. Sometime, Hyper can't stay in Hyper Form for long time. Hyper will turn back to normal form within 30 minutes.