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So this happened by Endromida (critique requested)

So this happened (critique requested)


6 January 2016 at 10:33:20 MST

Welp, a very good friend of mine and i rp'd and i decide that he knocked me up, my fursona can get pregnant in different ways depending on things. He is currently knocked up with some anthro pups, how many i have yet to decide. Note once born i will likely do adopts of them aged at 13. for more information on how my sona's pregnancy system works enjoy a link below to f-list, please note the site is very NSFW, you have been warned. Everything in this picture is mine, the pose itself was based on a picture of a friend of mine, i have been doing that lately and i find it makes things look more natural. Please note, that i am working on the 4 reference sheets i've promised people but those take 40+ hours this took me 5 and i needed a break from the reference sheets. Just a reminder, i'm a cuntboy, not a regular male, so i'm unsure if the mpreg tag still applies but imma put it there just in case. Please do not repost without first contacting me about it.