Flicker by Ender



4 July 2014 at 02:19:32 MDT

Also uploaded this to dA but I thought I'd upload it here too in case it might actually get some views >.>;

I'm still working on her concept.
This is Flicker, one of my new characters for a story I've been working on (on and off for a couple years) that I'm trying to put together for a comic.

The gist of it is, in a post-apocalyptic world with natural resources nearly exhausted, what little left of society is on the brink of collapse. Flicker, an Army Corporal (might have to change her rank later since I don't really know military stuff so well) is pulled out of retirement to help police the growing problems in the city-state of Orne, "The Last Utopia". In an effort to keep the city-state from dissolving into chaos, military forces are sent to retrieve stolen goods and resources for redistribution to the Rationing Committee and the remaining military. Across the globe, what remains of the planet's denizens are living in small city-states doing what they can to survive, sharing what work and supplies that remain and doing their best to salvage what they can. Amongst the survivors, a rumor has been spreading of a place left untouched by the nuclear fallout, hidden away somewhere amongst the shreds of a past society. The rumor spreads and with it grows legend of a messenger sent from heaven to lead the survivors to this purified place to begin life anew...

As society starts to erupt into anarchy, Flicker hunts the criminals responsible for thousands starving or killed by couriers of the Black Cartel. Survivors are beginning to lose hope, realizing that their way of life may be at its end. Individuals are popping up all over the world, suddenly developing strange powers... While legends of the Lost continent of Eden grow ever stronger and the coincidences greater...

Soo that's all I've got but I'll be doing more soon. I don't wanna give away all the details of the story before I even start! haha. Anyway whoo yeah. This is Corp. Flicker, she's a.. goat.. thing. She'll kick your ass.

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