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The Last Aysse: Page 47


28 November 2014 at 14:32:53 MST

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Chapter One

Just wish that I didn't feel that there was something I missed.

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Have a second page for the week! I have 7 pages left in this chapter, and am hellishly bent on finishing them out before the end of 2014. So you'll be getting two posts a week for the next month or so. So YAY if this pleases you and sorry if it doesn't!

So much information. And a fun glowing yellow stick!!

The three dramatic eyeshots belong to the other 3 characters from the pre-chapter flashback, in case you were wondering!

PSCS6, Wacom Bamboo Fun
Lines © Becsparrow
Faiare © Plasticss

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    And I'd, give it all away, just to find somewhere to go to, give it all away, just for someone to come home to
    This is my december, this is my snow covered dream, this is me pretending, this is all I need

    DSOFIHSDPIFUHDSIF The linkin park nostalgia hit me hard
    Also, its dangerous to go alone take this crossed my mind when I read that last panel

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      AHHHHH I so love how you get all the Linkin Park-isms in this comic and there are so so so so many ahahaha

      AND I CAN'T STOP SEEING THAT NOW. "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this shiny yellow thing!!"

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        Hahhaha so I've noticed but hey that's a good band to keep referencing! :D

        Lol "Its dangerous to go alone, take thiiiis"