Misty Autumn by Enaxn

Misty Autumn


20 September 2014 at 15:02:22 MDT

Goddaaaaamn my titles though.

Art trade with the SUPER lovely KingApollo!

I REALLY wanted to go for Apollo, but didn't have enough Dobie refs saved in my computer to properly pull it off, so I hope you'll want to trade again sometime once I have refs so I can draw him <__<;;. And also Lydia is GORGEOUS. LOOK AT LYDIA. LOOK. Pretty tiger baby ahhh

BUT ANYWAY YES FALL!!!!!! I love fall. I want to draw another 322939 Fall Pictures quick while it's still Fall. Yes.

The mossy rocks were giving me all sorts of problems, but aboveClouds spent 500 hours on a fun lil moss brush, and that combined with my usual brushes helped a LOT. So THANK YOU PASH.

And dat water. Oh my god. I had a Chiodos-fest and was probably physically harming my tablet and pen with how hard I was jabbing it. I probably looked like a crazy person 8)

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    I really like the background here, and I can tell all the effort that must have gone in, even without you talking about it in the description x3 Delightful setting. Nice work :3

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      Fall backgroundssssss ahhh. So many leaves but so much FUN. And thank you so much! I'm super glad you can see all the teeny details! <333