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The Last Aysse: Page 23 by Enaxn

The Last Aysse: Page 23


19 May 2014 at 16:06:43 MDT

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Chapter One

Take what you can, change the seasons.

BUT ENAXN WHO ARE THESE GUYS. I know, I know. This may take some explaining. Each chapter of the comic starts with a little flashback sequence, kind of like Lost if you ever watched that. The flashbacks aren't in any sort of chronological order necessarily, but instead tend to somehow involve a character or event relevant to the following chapter. Eventually, you'll be able to hook all the flashbacks together to reveal mysteries behind The Great Sickness, the weird beastie in the prologue, a bunch of weird stuff about the main characters, and a bunch of other goodies!!

So this little flashback dealie lasts 4 pages long, and introduces 4 new characters! Two are mine belonging to others' species, and the other two are cameos! You'll see them a little better in the following pages, but the brown lynx is plasticss' Faiare, the short blue guy is my Garrick, an Aatmik whose species belongs to alradeck, the lanky gray fellow is Affe, a Castien whose species belongs to stitchy-face, and the green winged cat is Resnien, who belongs to zieu Cameos and characters of mine but are of others' species all play a similar and super important part in the story, but you'll have to keep reading to see what it is, and whose characters get sucked into the fray!

ANYWAY YES. Lots of mayhem and fallen trees and nastiness. I referenced a lot of pictures of Mt. St. Helen's aftermath for these backgrounds. I wonder what happened???

Eh my backlog only got 4.5 pages deep but whatever. COMIC'S BACK YAY.

PSCS6, Wacom Bamboo Fun
Lines © becsparrow BECCA I LOVE YOU SO MANY MY GOD
Characters in this page:
Faiare, © plasticss
Resnien, © zieu
Garrick, Aatmik © alradeck
Affe, Castien © stitchy-face

Aysse, story, everything but the lines © enaxn ME

WOW that section took a long time to do ahahaha CAMEOS1!!!!

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