The Last Aysse: Page 15 by Enaxn

The Last Aysse: Page 15


24 February 2014 at 16:10:45 MST

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------->First Page!!!!!<-------

THERE all caught up and linked together! I sincerely apologize if my non-notify things didn't work <__<.

From here on out, updates will be weekly-ish!

Enjoy the comic! Thanks for looking! <3333

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    Wow, really great *comic so far! The panel layout is a bit confusing now and then, but your characters and drawings are really great! It's a little sad that I usually don't see any comments on most of the deviations here on weasyl yet.^^*

    Do you also read other's comic? I currently try to make a tgchan-quest into a graphical novel with Flash.
    In case you like to take a look: Divequest ch1 or the current one Divequest ch7 as motion book.

    Do you know motion books? It's an interesting concept made for comic-artists and is available for free. As has joined their beta-test, you can even upload them there embed. Just apply for the beta-test in the dA-group of mediafire/motion book and after some days you will gain access.^^

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      Thank you! The entire comic is a learning process that I'm learning as I go, so hopefully it gets less confusing as I plunder along <__<.

      And I'll have to give your comic a look! It looks neat!