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MoleDance.GIF by EmuSal



I only get four move slots and I wasted one on this.

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Visual / Animation


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    Woe is me, for every song I attempt to play over this falls slightly out of sync with the animation. But I won't give up yet.

    Anyway, good work! I can tell you didn't just flip frames horizontally, which makes a subtle but impressive difference.

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      I know, I've only found one song it was close-ish to, haha

      The problem is that I drew this at 12 FPS, where it fits really well with most songs.
      I had forgotten that turning a .MOV to a .GIF basically drops it to 10 FPS, which doesn't fit most songs at all, haha!

      Dropping to 10 FPS is fine for most of my animations, but it's pretty rough for a dance or anything that's supposed to be set to a certain beat.

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        What about bumping it up to 12.5fps?

        This should help.

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          How did you do that??? It still has all its frames too, doesn't it??? How... Did...??? Are you a wizard? You're a wizard, aren't you, Flygon?

          Hahah, really, though, I looked everywhere for a way to get the FPS of a .gif up without cutting frames and everything told me they're just restricted to 10FPS, so I'd love to know how you did this.

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            I opened the GIF up in "Easy GIF Animator", selected all the frames, and set the frame delay to 8ms for every frame (100 divided by 8 is 12.5fps precisely. Best to think of this as working with PAL50 video instead of NTSC60 video). The same should result with using Microsoft GIF Animator.

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              I have access to neither of these, haha. I used to have a good one that I think could do delay on GIFs, but they stopped support for it and my OS updated to the point where it no longer works. Thanks, though. I guess I just needed a reminder that it was possible, since I couldn't find anything anywhere that'd do it.

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                What OS do you use?

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                  Mac OS X 9

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                    I can see how that would make things rather difficult. I'm too used to working with Windows, arf.

                    Does WINE work well in OS X? Perhaps Microsoft GIF Animator will open under that.

                    Worst to worst, could always prod one of your friends on an IM contact list, and get them to correct exports inside Windows.

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    Zis is cute!

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    This is the best waste of a moveslot EVERRRR