Summoning by EmpressRising



10 May 2021 at 16:28:04 MDT

All rise


ALT TEXT: This image features a dark red, male anthro bighorn sheep from the top of the shoulders up with his face angled upwards to his right, your left, snarling, showing his front canines and teeth. His nose is crinkled with the snarl. Only a single sky blue eye staring at the viewer is visible, with a horizontal pupil. He has dark red braided dreadlock-style hair falling around his eyes and neck. His horns are large and curl around his head, with the base being a dark grey, fading into a bright red at the tips, though only his left horn is fully visible, his right horn showing just a bit at the top of his head. The background is a dark grey with a dark red triangle behind him.


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