Empress Rising 2021 Reference [CURRENT] by EmpressRising

Empress Rising 2021 Reference [CURRENT]


6 May 2021 at 18:37:57 MDT

Recently, I received a commission from Heromule (https://twitter.com/heromule) on Twitter of my fursona, Empress, and I immediately fell in love with how they drew her. You can see it here: https://toyhou.se/3579161.empress-rising#33961059

I immediately fell in love with the facial features she was given. I liked the larger chin and jaw, making her look more masculine, as well as the larger ears. I'd been debating giving her larger horns for ages as people often drew her with large horns, and the reference I did for her at the start of the year had an incorrect horn reference as is from a lesser kudu. So, after falling in love with this commission, as well as feedback from friends and followers, AND my own personal preferences, I decided to make the jump on a redesign for her, and by GOD do I not regret it. I am beyond ecstatic and in love with this redesign.

You can see her changes throughout my time owning her in this image here:

This is her main reference now. Simple, effective, and definitely showing off her new style. While I am learning every art piece I do, I am very, VERY happy with this one.

I will update this at some point with more information about her. She lives in a world I created called Gigas Nisus (gee-guhs nee-suhs) that is very, very similar to modern Earth in around the 2010 times. It's filled with horned/antlered and hooves animals, such as all bovine and deer. (Cow, deer, antelopes, buffalo, etc). There's a large plot and series of comics I hope to write, but for now, this is about as good as a description as I can give.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my fursona!

Here is the high res:

And big notes to these artists for helping with redlines and advice:





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