$20 Flat Icon Commissions - OPEN by EmpressRising

$20 Flat Icon Commissions - OPEN


22 April 2021 at 16:36:19 MDT

Background check is taking forever to finish for my new job.

So, while I have time, I am boosting a new #commission type - $20 flat color icons!
- $20 base
- +$5 for basic shading
- +$10 for background
- +$10 for a complicated design
- Paypal only - #Anthro/#furry preferred!

I contacted my company to see what's up and it's taking a while because, where I moved here from out of state, they're struggling to get info from my old county. Covid is not helping. So I have a job lined up...eventually. Until then, I must support myself! I can only live off of my savings for so long.

Sorry to boost so much - just trying to make sure I am okay until my new job starts!


If you see this, it means I likely posted this art using PostyBirb, an app that lets you post art and updates to multiple sites at once. It's a great app that's helped me increase my reach. If you need anything from me, I am most active on DeviantArt and Twitter, and under that, FurAffinity, so those are the best places to contact me. Otherwise, I may take a while to respond to a note or message!

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