Benson & Kevin Chapter 45 (Final Chapter) by emperorwolf

Final Chapter: Epilouge.

you close the book, having finished the last chapter of the story, and notice someone standing across the room from you.

you ask who they are

well, i see you've read that book... did you like it?

you ask again who he is.

he laughs, and steps into the light.

the figure sounded male, around 17 years of age...
looking at him, you can see that he wears a black cloak, a hood obscuring his face. white pants, with a white shirt can be seen beneath the cloak.

hey, you were asked a few questions before you read, weren't you?

you nod.

better remember the answers.

the familiar fox walks in, and the figure rushes out.

hey there! you done reading? ready to give me the answers?

you mention the person from before, and he gives you an odd look

what? but normal people can't get in...
whatever, question one: why is my world in ruins?

because of the weapon 'harbinger' used.

question two: how did my grandfather die?

he was killed on impulse by 'kenziel' after an argument he had with you, and he regretted it later.

well... yes, that's true...
question three: why did i say draco was important?

because he made you bigger, and then later sacrificed himself to stop the weapon.

question four: what was the 'cabbage-shaped rock' i mentioned?

one of the magic barrier gems.

question five: what is the name of my world, and why did it slip my mind earlier?

Xlen, and you've spent five years on the new Xlen, so you forgot.

that's it! you've got it!
final question: how might we be the same size right now?

this, you do not know for sure, and you can think of a few possibe reasons...

he is using a shrinker?
he regained normal size through that invention from the 'future' tie-in?
the giant size wore off?
you've actually been turned giant?

hmmm... no, no, no, and no.
i'll just tell you... it's because i'm using a new shrinking technology, a special system designed recently.
by... eh, i'm not going to say, it'd get confusing.

he offers his paw to you in a handshake

now, i believe i offered you a way home?

a doorway appears in front of you, and you feel that it will take you home...

don't worry, travel between our two worlds is completely normal these days, feel free to hop on a transport to XlenAri whenever you feel like it, and hey, you can keep the book if you'd like.

you ask him what he will do now.

i'll go home, of course, i've got a party to get to!!

waving goodbye to the fox, you travel through the gateway, and everything fades out...


(Next Time: Series Two-> "Trials of Family and Friendship" - the party.)

Benson & Kevin Chapter 45 (Final Chapter)


2 September 2014 at 19:32:04 MDT

the final chapter of "Benson & Kevin"

in relation to chapter zero, the "reader" closes the book and everything is settled, leaving the place to return home...

but! things are far from over!
after a week or two from now, i'll start submitting the sequel, "Trials of Family and Friendship"
I just couldn't help myself, I didn't want to end the tale of Xlen, so I got to writing the second series in the saga.

and to all of you who've been reading, many thanks, and I hope you enjoyed my story :)

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    I'd have appreciated more feedback, though.

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    sequel starts going up tomorrow.