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Foxy Nights at Freddy's by EmilyThePenguin

Foxy Nights at Freddy's


bandwagon ahooooy.
I really wanted to draw some fanart for this game. It's damn terrifying and I'm quite impressed with the fanart that's been coming out of it lately.

I'm too scared to play it, to be honest. Hell just watching Markiplier play it put me on edge.

drawing (C) Emily the Penguin
Foxy (C) FNAF

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Visual / Digital


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    This is cute and cool at the same time. ^^ Would make a neat Icon

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      thank you :D

      you can use it as an icon if you really want, as long as you credit me somewhere C:

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    Nice work!!!! Your good!

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    Ok. 1.did you make the penguin mask(fursuit thingy) 2.if so how hard was it?
    3.what did you use as an under base? have any wolf mask making tips?

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      holy gee.

      it was hundreds of hours of labor and... yeah. holy gee. It was probably the hardest project I ever did.
      I can't sum this all up like this, so I HIGHLY recommend you do some research for yourself.

      I did my senior project on fursuiting, so maybe you can have some insight there instead of me typing up an entire comment: (go to "my suits" and look at both tabs)

      my number one resource for creating my fursuit was this site:

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    Ok thanks! It's a really cool suit though if you maybe want to see the character I'm going to try to make go to

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    I made the mask I actually just finished and uploaded a pic