Gravity Falls Theme Remix by EmilyThePenguin (critique requested)

Gravity Falls Theme Remix (critique requested)


11 August 2014 at 13:18:16 MDT

holy moly! I finished my first remix! I've never been able to finish a remix before so this is a huge triumph for me.

I've caught the Gravity Falls bug baaaad.

I hope you enjoy c: and feel free to critique and comment like crazy... I'm super new at this!

Gravity Falls © Disney

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    0:40- there is a buildup, but what it's building up to isn't enough. This is usually the part where people refer to as "dropping the bass." It doesn't have to be that big of a drop, but a little more than what you have would be good. Maybe adding some beats may solve this problem?

    1:40- there seems to be a skip.

    2:15- Thank you for not fading out! I was scared you would.

    Overall, I think it needs more bass and percussion. However, I'm not comparing this to the original Theme because I've never heard it. You did good for your first try. Keep working at it. :)

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      first of all thanks for listening

      second of all.. trust me, I'm super disappointed I couldn't quite make it drop. I fiddled around with drums and more bass for hours.. I just couldn't get it to work :{

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        That's okay. It may be the choice in song. I'm excited to see what you do next. :>